Women in STEM film premiere

On Thursday 16th March we premiered 4 newly commissioned films on issues facing Women in STEM at the At-Bristol Planetarium.

We were delighted to invite 4 panellists to discuss issues raised in films and open the floor up to questions and debate from the audience.

The first film of the evening was entitled ‘The 51% minorityby Caroline Tout.


Our second film was from Jen Lim a Film student at the University of Bristol.


Our next film was ‘Mrs Sommerville’s Monument, by local film making duo Liz Lister and Rebecca Hurwitz of WisterLitz Productions.

‘Mrs Somerville, the Queen of Nineteenth Century Science, is writing another book and this time it’s about science Nobel Prize winners. A lot of information comes her way, and not all of it seems relevant. But when some of that unwanted information starts to reveal another story, Mary takes decisive action.’

Our final film of the evening was ‘Halfway’ by Florence Schechter and the team at Collab Lab.

Films were followed by discussion from our panel of 4 women in STEM in different disciplines and at different stages of their career:

Dr Irina Lazar – University of Bristol
Dr Carolin Villforth – University of Bath
Sonam Gurung – University of Bristol
Isabel Wiltshire – Former University of Bristol Student

A summary of the topics discussed will follow shortly in another blog post!

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