BrisSciFilm 2017 Winners!

A massive thank you to all those film makers, judges, attendees and everyone involved in Bristol Science Film Festival this year!

We announced the winners at the Cube Microplex on Sunday 19th March on the last day of Bristol Science Film Festival and British Science Week 2017.

Local Winner

To Be or Not To Be…Frozen – Shuang Chen Runyu Gao, Karina Espinoza

Local Runner Up

Everybody’s Free (To Cure Cystic Fibrosis) – Bartholomew Harvey

National Winner

Just a Touch – Maria Lia Malandrino, Federico Malandrino, Lev Tankelevitch, Cristiana Vagnoni

National Runner Up

Dish Life – Chloe Thomas

BBC Focus Prize Winner

What do scientists do? – The Scientific Method – Helen Cammack

We received all over the UK and from around the world! The standard was incredibly high and creating a shortlist was a real challenge. Thanks once again to all our Judges for selecting our Local and National winners.

The BBC Focus Prize shortlist is available here. The Prize was judged by the team at BBC Focus and the winner has the chance to create another commission for the BBC Focus website. Check out last years winners for more information.

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