BSFF 2019 in pictures

This year’s Festival took place in August, and we had SO MUCH FUN! If you didn’t make it, here’s a quick rundown of what went on!

Bad film science

Our panelists prepare to defend or destroy the science in bad film ‘Stealth’

The festival kicked off with our bad film science night. Our panelists argued for and against (okay, mostly against!) the science and artistry behind 2005 film Stealth.

Moderator for the evening Chris Dunford (left) and panelist Andy Roberts (right) pose with the ‘signed’ photo of Jessica Biel… unfortunately only signed by BSFF president Robbie!

Moderator Chris Dunford kept the panelists’ pedantry under control with his unique brand of sarcasm. We learnt a lot about moons from Andy Roberts (aka Lunartic) with a surprise Q&A session. One of our audience members even walked away with a signed photo of Jessica Biel for the best lunar question!

Our two other panelists, film buff Ti Singh (left) and medic Robbie Kornitschky (right).

Even our usual film defender Ti Singh refused to back this one. Instead, he gave us knowledge nuggets on how the US Navy allowed them to film on one of their ships and how it borrowed tropes from films like Top Gun.

Medic Robbie introduced a fun new game of Jessica Biel, are you okay? (spoilers: Jessica’s character goes through a lot in this film) The chances were pretty small, but we learnt that it is possible to survive a fall from a plane and more!

Overall, we learnt that Stealth was a mish mash of other, better, films combined with questionable science and even worse dialogue… we had a great time tearing it apart!

Filmmakers screening

Our winners and runners up, and us of course! From left to right: BSFF vice-president Katherine, Andy Clark, Andy Roberts, judge Heather Lampard, Sonya Kaiser, Annie Moir, Dom Burgess, and BSFF president Robbie.

On the second night of the festival we cosied up at the Bristol Improv Theatre to watch this year’s shortlisted films with the people that made them.

The shortlist made us laugh, cry and think about some of the coolest science out there. It was so special to sit and watch them with the filmmakers themselves!

Robbie and Katherine with Bob Foster, who ran the local branch of the British Science Association and helped us set up the Festival.

This was the first time we ran the Festival as an independent organisation from the British Science Association. We were overjoyed to have Bob Foster in the audience who helped us start our own association!

Big screen screening

Robbie and Katherine watching the shortlist on the big screen in Millennium Square.

We finished off the Festival with a free public screening of the shortlisted films on the big screen in Millennium Square.

Next year’s film festival will be the first weekend of June 2020. See you there!

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