BSFF 2020 in pictures

This year’s virtual Festival took place in June, and we had SO MUCH FUN! If you didn’t make it, here’s a quick rundown of how we put together our first online Festival.

Socially distant photoshoots

In the run-up to the Film Festival we publicise our screenings as much as we can. This year we decided to make our social media posts more eye-catching with some dressing up. We were both in lockdown, so we had to be creative with what we could find around the house! Here are some of the outtakes:

Woah, too close Robbie! Also just a little bit terrifying. Check out the hand-drawn BSFF logo though!
Cables are scifi, right? Pretty sure those are literally all the wires in Katherine’s flat.

The countdown begins…

As the hours count down, we got all our tech set up. An important part of hosting a Film Festival is looking smart for the big night (we’re all about looking professional, and acting silly).

Katherine’s ready and showing off how well she cleans up.
The moment Robbie realises his spangly backdrop isn’t quite up to the job.

And we’re live!

Watch out for Robbie’s accidental grin when he takes off the robot head. So difficult to keep a straight face! Also, thank you to those in the chat that described Robbie as ‘sculpted by the gods’. That quote is now on his Tinder profile.

People joined from Mexico City to Melbourne and everywhere in between. We aimed to recreate the wonderful film fest feeling of watching and experiencing movies together, even across those huge distances. It was amazing to see filmmakers and attendees engage with one another via the text chat.

Everyone celebrates Valeria Díaz’s stunning film ‘Qualia’ as we introduce the next film ‘Artificial Us’ by the talented Deborah Rhyner.
There were some very funny exchanges on the text chat, but this was our favourite: the moment that everyone realised that the ‘Good Boy’ was not so good. Film by Brody Gusar.
Judges, filmakers and attendees celebrate Joshua Chawner’s film ‘World’s Coolest LEGO Set’, while Patrick Capel introduces LabCut’s film ‘A Day in the Life of a Molecular Biologist’.

Our favourite piece of audience feedback came from a BSFF regular: “the friendly and excited atmosphere was translated to an online format”. It seems we did something right!

The winners are announced

Well done everyone who entered a film, it was an amazing lineup!

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