BrisSciFilm 2021 — Science fact judges

We can now reveal the judges for this year’s short science film competition for the ‘science fact’ or science documentary category!

Once we have received all your entries, we will be passing on shortlisted films to the four wonderful people below. They’ll be deciding the winners!

Mary-Laine Friday

Mary-Laine_square crop.jpg

Mary-Laine won the BBC Focus prize at the Bristol Science Film Festival in 2016 with her film on ‘The A to Z of animal mysteries‘.

Since then, she’s worked as a filmmaker and video producer in London. Last year, she even started her very own video production company: Faltrego Films. They work with charities, NGOs and non-profits to get their stories out there!

We’re so happy to welcome her back to the Festival as a judge for 2021!

Follow her on Twitter: @_marylaine

Malcolm Love

Malcolm Love is a former journalist and senior producer at the BBC.  For many years he taught Broadcast Science (‘Science on Screen and Air’) on the University of the West of England’s (UWE) Science Communication MSc course. Malcolm continues to produce Film and audio media.  He also delivers coaching and training worldwide in public communication skills (specialising in science communication and public engagement).  His client list includes CERN, NASA and the ESA. 

Malcolm works with his partner Becky through their company ‘Solid Gold Hat Ltd’. 

Annie Moir

Annie Moir is a marine biologist and and talented wildlife filmmaker. She won the Bristol Science Film Festival science fact professional prize in 2019 for her film titled ‘A Voice Above Nature’, which drew attention to the effects of noise pollution on ocean wildlife.

This year we’ve invited her back to our festival as a judge!

Keep up with Annie on Instagram: @annieemoir

Andrew Wilson

Andrew has done pretty much every aspect of sound post-production over the years and been nominated for almost everything. Despite not actually winning many awards, Andrew remains the best re-recording mixer in his price range.

He’s currently Vice-chair of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS), plus he’s probably the only re-recording mixer ever to have played the sousaphone at Glastonbury! This year, he’ll be judging both categories of our competition.

Follow him on Twitter: @Redsixmix
Check out his IMDB page

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